Flora and Fauna

Here, nature-intimate encounters are all palpable and real. And it’s fascination beyond words.

The invigorating greens are like a divinely indulgent shower refreshing your senses, the soothing scent of the sea breeze and seawater caressing your skin –– all these wipe away your stresses much like how a lullaby does.

Be infinitely awed by your out-of-the-ordinary neighbors that make this charming island their home.

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Nature at its Finest

Kembali’s biodiversity is where its magic lies. Many of the foliage found here are endemic to Samal Island, while new plants have been carefully selected to match the needs and beauty of this picturesque enclave.

Kembali is also home to a number of unique residents, whether on land, air or sea. The island’s lush natural mangroves serve as nesting sites for birds and act as the breeding ground for a rich marine life.

Truly, this is the life genuinely in harmony with nature.

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